WooCommerce Social Login – WordPress plugin (WordPress)

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WooCommerce Social Login extension allows users to login and checkout with social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Google, Yahoo, LinkedIn, Foursquare, Windows Live, VKontakte (VK.com).


  • One click registration.
  • Ability to sends newly created account details to user’s email.
  • Auto Integrate on checkout page.
  • Includes a short code, [woo_social_login], that can be used to place the social login buttons on any page, as well as a widget that can be used in any widget area.
  • Ability to set custom redirect URL on which user will get redirected after they login with social media.
  • Admin can change the order of social networks buttons by drag and drop.
  • View number of sign-ups for each social network.
  • Generate Pie graph for Social Networks Register Percentage.
  • A clean & user friendly admin UI to manage everything.

Supported Networks:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Google
  • Yahoo
  • LinkedIn
  • Foursquare
  • Windows Live
  • VKontakte (VK.com)


Please see the Documentation of the plugin to learn how to use the plugin.


Please check step by step Tutorial for creating apps for all social networks.


Need help? Please be sure to read the Documentation. If you’re still stuck you can contact through our support platform or email us on wpweb101@gmail.com for any pre-sale inquiry only.

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Stripe for Arforms (Forms)

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ARForms has new extension which accept payment via Stripe Payment Gateway. ARForms Stripe plugin integrates your form entries and payment in a single process. You can charge customers with Dynamic amount instantly after form submission from ARForms.

You need to just create a form with ARForms, Configure it with Stripe and its all done. You can setup Stripe payment within no time!

Plugin Features:

  • Easiest and fastest stripe setup
  • Stripe Subscription Method supported
  • Transaction Notifications after successfull payment
  • View Complete Transaction and filtering facility
  • Ability to collect customer information for shipping and billing
  • Multiple currency supported
  • Premium support available
  • Dynamic Pricing

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Royal Video Player WordPress Plugin (Media)

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What is Royal Video Player Wordpress Plugin

Royal Video Player Wordpress Plugin is a powerful responsive video player for your wordpress website that can play, streaming videos from your server or Youtube videos. It only requires the mp4 format (the best and most used format on the web) and it will work on mobile devices and desktop machines no matter which browser is used including older browsers like IE8, this is made possible by incorporating four video engines into the Royal Video Player Wordpress Plugin, basically it has built-in a HTML5 Youtube video engine, normal video engine, flash Youtube video engine and flash normal video engine. Royal Video Player Wordpress Plugin supports unlimited playlists and each playlist can have unlimited videos. There are three type of playlists, the first playlist type is the normal type that allows to add mp4 or Youtube videos with a high degree of customization, the other two types can be created with a single data source URL that can be loaded from Youtube (Youtube playlist) or generated from a folder with video files.

Packed with a huge amount of features like responsive layout, shortcode generator, multiple playlists, external API, optional deeplinking, flexible skin, embed & share, facebook share etc, it makes it one of the best and most impressive video player available on sale.

Royal Video Player Wordpress Plugin main features:

Mobile and desktop optimized (IOS demo or Android demo).

FLASH fallback for older browsers that doesn’t support HTML5 video or for older browsers like IE7/IE8.

Only mp4 video file required. Optional deeplinking (unique and shareable link for the current playlist and video).

Optional embed and share window.

Load any type of playlist through HTML markup, video folder or Youtube playlist, also mixed playlist with both youtube and mp4 videos can be created.

The HTML markup playlists can be created manually or generated from a database.

Support for unlimited playlists and each playlist can have unlimited videos.

Optional playlist and playlists window / categories selector.

Three type of hover effects for the playlists window / categories selector thumbnails.

Video description in tooltip form for the playlist thumbnail (this feature can be removed / added globally or individually for each video).

Optional playlist and playlists window / categories selector auto open (the player can start with the playlist or playlists window / categories selector visible or hidden). The playlist can be positioned bottom or right.

Customizable thumbnails.

Optional video download button (this buttons can be removed / added globally or individually for each video).

Support for local, streaming from a server or Youtube videos.

Usage of the same Royal Video Player Wordpress Plugin custom skin even for the Youtube videos.

Youtube video quality buttons selectors from the video control bar. The available quality rates will be displayed in a cool way so you can select the desired quality for the playing video.

The video player can play a HD video on desktop machines and a smaller video on mobile devices, this useful feature is optional, this means that the video player can play the same video source on all desktop machines or mobile devices.

Responsive layout.

Shortcode generator.

Optional video poster, the poster is visible when the video player is stopped plus support for two poster sources one for desktop machines and one for mobile devices. Please note that a single source can be used for both for desktop machines and mobile devices.

Multiples display types: responsive / fixed / fullscreen.

Optional custom watermark logo. The logo can be set to hide with the control bar or to always be visible, also the logo position is customizable.

AutoHide controls bar, the video player can be set to autohide the controls bar after a number of seconds of inactivity.

The video controls bar can be showed or hidden when the video is stopped or it hasn’t started.

Click to play or pause, you can click on the video to play/pause the video.

Powerful API included with example files.

Double click fullscreen / normal screen.

Start volume value.

Autoplay, loop and shuffle.

Optional keyboard support.

Big play button.

Next and previous video buttons (optional).

Play / pause button.

Current and total time (optional).

Volume button (optional).

Volume scrubber (optional).

Shuffle and loop buttons (optional).

Embed and share button (optional).

Download video button (optional).

Facebook share button (optional).

Fullscreen button (optional).

Eight skins included with the psd files.

Detailed documentation and sample files included.

Admin panel video tutorial:


Special notes:

The skin is constructed from png files.

When viewing the player on a mobile device the autoplay is set to false, the volume bar is disabled, when youtube videos are used the poster is disabled / hidden and the large custom play button is only available after the video starts playing.

When viewing the player on a mobile device or browser and the player is embedded using the embed code the fullscreen button doesn’t work if the browser doesn’t have fullscreen support, browsers like IE8/IE9/IE10 or some mobile browsers.

For support or customizations please contact us here.

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Smart Video Playlists (Media)

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Smart Video Playlists is a plugin made for WordPress 3.8, 3.9 and newer (and it will not work with older WordPress versions!) to create, edit and manage playlists with video files. Plugin implements advanced playlist editor for adding local (uploaded) or remote video tracks, playlists settings and information, terms for artist, genre or tags and extra heading content to be displayed above playlist.

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Request Full Demo

Plugin adds custom post type for playlists and two more custom taxonomies (genre and artist).

On front end, plugin creates playlists archives with extra archives for individual terms, single playlists pages where you can see full playlist information, cover image, description and most importantly: player. Playlist player uses HTML5 Video support through MediaElement.js library (with fallback to Flash/Silverlight for older browsers). Plugin can show statistical information for tracks and playlist.

Plugin is fully responsive and tested with various mobile devices.

Several playlists styles and skins for player control

Several playlists styles and skins for player control Plugin has 7 styles for playlists built in, and it can use one of two skins for player control. There are many more options to control the playlist including several options to control hiding tracklist. You also have options to disable some parts of the player control (volume, progress bar…).

Playlists player elements and controls

Playlists player elements and controls This image shows all current controls player has. On top, it shows current track information. Actual player controls has buttons to load previous and next tracks, play/pause, shows current playe time and track length, has progress bar and volume control. Every element (with exception of play/pause) can be disabled. Each track in playlist can show statistics, and it has a button that can be used to download the track (both options can be disabled).

Create unlimited number of playlists with easy to use manager

Create unlimited number of playlists with easy to use manager Playlists management is based on WordPress normal posts management. You can have unlimited number of playlists and they can share video tracks if needed. You can assign various terms to each playlist for filtering later.

Powerful playlist editor with tracks editing, settings and more

Powerful playlist editor with tracks editing, settings and more You can upload video tracks directly using WordPress media manager, or you can add remote videos. You can assign images to each track any time.

On front end, get playlists archives, terms index and more

On front end, get playlists archives, terms index and more Plugin adds archive pages for playlists, with extra archives based on playlists and terms. Also, implements pages with terms index for easier navigation in cases when you have large number of terms assigned to playlists.

Detailed playlog with info on playtime for each list and track

Detailed playlog with info on playtime for each list and track Using AJAX, plugin logs how long each playlist and track is played. Every time playlist player is displayed, all it’s activity is saved to database. You can see full log with all playlists with filters, information on tracks played and time each track is played in each session.

Theme Templates and Customization

Plugin needs 3 templates for theme to be able to display all the content generated by playlists and archives. Plugin includes own templates override loader. For most themes, you need to add templates specific to those themes (WordPress limitation, every theme has own layout and in most cases you can’t mix templates from different themes). Plugin has full PDF guide and 2 videos showing the process of creating templates.

Template creation process is fairly simple, but if you are not comfortable of doing that on your own, we offer you help in creating those templates. Just open new topic in our support forums, and we can assist with creating templates for your theme..

Plugin includes multiple template parts for everything, and it is easy to customize. Such customization requires knowledge of PHP and HTML. You can also expand plugins style CSS files to match closer to your theme.

If you use theme that has no templates and uses templates editors (Thesis, Headway…), we have information on that in PDF, but you need to also consult theme documentation to generate needed templates.

Directly supported Themes

Plugin has built-in support for many themes. For these themes you can use plugin without any changes, for all other themes you can try plugin with generic themes, or create your own based on them.

  • WordPress Default Themes: TwentyTen, TwentyEleven, TwentyTwelve, TwentyThirteen, TwentyFourteen
  • Genesis Framework: all themes based on this framework are supported
  • ThemeForest popular Themes: Avada, Karma, U-Design, Enfold
  • WordPress.org free Themes: MesoColumn, Spacious, OpenStrap

Widgets and Shortcode

Plugin has 2 widgets. One can show list of playlists (latest, random, with control over number of playlists and template). Second widget can embed playlist player for any playlist (or random) with choice of skin, layout and other options. Using shortcode you can embed playlist player into any post/page. You have extra options for playlist size and alignment.

Supported video file types

HTML5 Video tag supports different video types and this support varies from browser to browser, it depends on device and OS. MP4 and WebM are currently most supported types with different devicesand browsers. But, if you use video file that is not widely supported, plugin uses MediaElement.js library that has automatic fallback and it can play almost any file on any device and in any browser using Flash or Sliverlight.

Bonus Features: YouTube Videos Support

Plugin can work with YouTube videos, and you can add individual videos or import videos from YouTube playlist. This is disabled by default, and once you enable it, you need to set API Key for Google YouTube API V3. Plugin has few limitations in using YouTube videos:
  • You can’t mix YouTube videos with local/remote video files, it will cause problems with some browsers. So, single playlist you create with this plugin can contain local/remote videos or YouTube videos, not both.
  • YouTube videos added through this plugin will not play correctly on mobile devices (fullscreen not working, loading tracks in the list not working). This is limitation of MediaElement.js and YouTube API used to connect to YouTube videos

Smart Video Playlists plugin will be updated overtime to improve YouTube support, depending on development of MediaElement.js library.

Other Plugin Features Included

  • Gather statistical information about playlists and tracks played.
  • Includes PDF for theme customization, user and developer guide in plugin package ‘docs’ directory.
  • Option to force post thumbnail theme support if your theme doesn’t register it.
  • Support for Multisite WordPress mode, each website can set plugin on it’s own.
  • Support for translation and includes POT file.

System and WordPress Requirements

  • PHP 5.2.4 or newer
  • WordPress 3.8 or newer


  • When adding new tracks to playlist, WordPress will not auto fill tracks data because it doesn’t read meta information from video files, and you need to fill in title, artist and other information for each track manually.
  • If you have problems playing files, it could be caused by server issue: HTML5 Video tag requires files to be served with proper MIME. If your server is not configured for that, you can find information on that in the User Guide PDF file.


Plugin contains PDF user guide, developer guide, theme customization guide in the plugin package, inside the ‘docs’ directory. Check out this documents to get information on plugin options, usage and more.


Version 1.0 / 2014.08.01.
  • First release

Plugin WebsitePlugin ChangelogFollow on EnvatoAsk any Question

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Gravity Forms: Automatic Export (Forms)

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Today, an admin can export entries from a Gravity Forms form. The export is manual and requires the admin to log in himself to do it. If other people need regular updates, the admin would either have to give admin access and have an “outsider” going about the backend or go in himself and export each time a version is needed.

This Gravity Forms: Automatic Export lets the admin set up an automatic export, which can be sent to one or more specified mail addresses.

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Datmenu – Responsive Menu jQuery Plugin (Navigation)

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DatMenu is a premium quality plugin for responsive navigation that is built with love and care by datcouch.com.

With this plugin, you don’t have to worry about responsive menus ever again. Just install and it’s done, if You want, it is possible to customize or take over menu button and create your own. Just one tap/click and menu appears.

Plugin Overview

  • Easy To use – Just set up plugin in your html page and You are ready to go with default settings
  • Multiple Animations – We created 3 different animation effects for menu to show and will produce more
  • Easy Modifications – It is real easy to customize every aspect of plugin
  • Top Menu Bar – Top menu bar can be enabled or disabled, it includes menu button, search & logo
  • Retina Ready – Retina display ready means that it looks even more sharper on apple retina @2x displays than on regular mobile display or monitor
  • Responsive layout – Theme knows on what device page is opened and sizes accordingly, it is specially made for easier use and looks for tablets, mobile phones and other devices
  • Compatibility (IE, Firefox, Opera, Safari, Chrome) – Looks great on all mayor browsers and if some older browser doesn’t support some features, theme will display an alternative view (fallback)
  • Unlimited Colors – It means that you can place a any background color in plugin from control panel, and by any we mean seriously any color from HUE pallet you desire
  • Unlimited Styling Options – This allows to upload for example custom background texture or color etc.
  • Fully Documented – This means that plugin includes step by step documentation for basically everything that plugin provides
  • FontAwesome Support – FontAwesome icons can be placed all over the plugin


Version 1.0.0 (31 July 2014)
-Inital release

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WordPress to CSV Export Plugin (Utilities)

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WordPress to CSV Export plugin is a very useful tool for anybody who wants to export data from WordPress to CSV file. Plugin works on all recent AitThemes starting from Creator theme upwards, ending with Business Finder theme. You can export data from any Wordpress Custom Type we have. For example plugin can be used to export Directory Theme items, Ristorante Theme menus, Testimonials and so on. Plugin can be also used to export posts and pages.

Please note that this plugin will only import data to AIT Wordpress Themes from Creator theme upwards, ending with Business Finder theme. Import to other 3rd party themes will not work.

Fully tested on our directory themes:

CSV to Wordpress bulk import plugin available for Directory theme:

CSV to WordPress Import plugin is a very useful tool for anybody who wants to bulk import data from CSV file to Directory Wordpress Theme. Plugin works on all recent AIT Wordpress Themes starting from Creator theme upwards. Plugin is not included in the package, it needs to be purchased separately.

Google Maps and Category Icon sets custom built for Directory & Business Finder WordPress Themes


115 unique custom built business Google Maps pins and Category Icons in 12 or 15 different colors. 1380 or 1725 PNG icons in total ready to be uploaded to your Directory or Business Finder website. Icons are specially designed for our Directory and Business Finder WordPress Themes look and feel. You can however use it on any website.

Plugin Features:

  • One click export data from WordPress to CSV
  • Plugin will automatically generates CSV file for current theme
  • Supports all AIT custom types
  • Supports Custom type Categories
  • Supports multiple Categories and Locations
  • Exported CSV can be imported with CSV to WordPress Import Plugin without any modification
  • Fully working in our last 26+ themes, starts with creator theme
  • Online and Offline Documentation
  • Free support via support forum
  • Free plugin updates

Wordpress Plugins by AitThemes.com

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This Domain is For Sale WordPress Plugin (Auctions)

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Have some domains to sell? Here’s a fast & easy way to do it! This WordPress plug-in helps you receive offers for your domain names directly from visitors instead of using a domain marketplace!

Quick Overview

  • Handle tons of domains with 1 WP!
  • Works with any theme!
  • Domain-specific configuration
  • Supports fixed price!
  • Multiple currencies supported
  • On-the-fly currency conversion!
  • Filter data by date, domain extension, etc
  • Mark domains as “sold” with a click
  • Detailed statistics
  • Starting price (Optional)
  • Bidding time limit (Optional)
  • Affiliate links!
  • Strong spam protection
  • IDN support (UTF8 domains)
  • E-mail & IP address blacklist
  • Optional comments
  • Receive offers via email
  • List other domains
  • Export data to CSV
  • WP Coding Standards compliant
  • Well-documented
  • Commented code
  • Heroic support!
  • And really much more…

A little bit of details…

Add thousands of domains!

Install 1 WordPress on 1 domain, install this plugin once, park all your domains on the one which has the WP installed on, and you’re ready to go! that easy!

Works with any theme!

Already have a WordPress website? No problem! This plugin does not require any theme modification, just enable its widget and you are all set! (We are also offering a fully featured theme for this plugin, for free! huh! continue reading…)

Different configurations for each domain!

Fixed price for one, bidding for the rest? British pounds for one, Euros for some? USD for the rest? No problem! You can override each setting per domain with just 3 clicks!

Any language, any currency!

Not only this plugin is fully translatable, it also makes it unnecessary to go to xe.com each time and convert non-USD offers to USD! it automatically converts them for you! look at this screenshot to see how! – and yes, it updates exchanges rates daily!

IDN domains are welcome!

Non-English world of UTF8 domain names can use this plugin with no problem!

Control each domain easily!

Stop receiving offers altogether, or just for one domain, declare domains “Sold”, or “Closed, all with just 2 clicks!


Get things Google Analytics cannot tell you! Find out which domains are getting the most offers, which month, and so on, all with just a single click!

Filter data by date & domain extension

Manage thousands of offers! Built-in data filters lets you filter your offers by month, domain name, extension, bidder’s email or IP address, and more! All with 1 single click :)

Keeps your WordPress clean!

This plugin will not modify or interfere with any part of your WordPress website, at all! It has its own database table and you can install, deactivate, and delete this plugin for a hundred times without breaking your WordPress website, it leaves nothing behind, and no matter if your WordPress is a fresh install or an established one with tons of posts and more, nothing will be changed by installing, using, or removing this plugin.

Set time limits!

Received some yummy offers? Ready to get rid of the domain? Maybe you should wait one more week? Set a bidding end date and let visitors know they do not have forever to think! You can also include the highest offer made for the domain in the form so that visitors would know how much they have to offer to win!

Receive offers via email

Tired of logging to your WordPress back-end to check new offers? Receive the offers right in your inbox!

Create affiliates links!

You can create affiliate links and let others take part in selling domains, affiliate links look like this: http://example.com?difs_ref=johndoe

Display your other domains

Include a list of your other domains in the widget, with just 2 clicks!

Export data to CSV

Easily export your data to CSV, an industry standard format which sets your data free to go anywhere you want! mailing lists, spreadsheet software, anywhere!

Free theme included!

This is real! A free theme with awesome jQuery Countdown and domain list search box, fully responsive, ready to go! Just install & enable the theme after installing the plugin, no widget required.


All the required information for installation, configuration, and so on is gathered in a clear and concise documentation which we beg you all to read fully!

Heroic support!

We are so proud that all of our customers are satisfied with the level of support we have provided them to date. If you ever need any help, we are right there for you to help, just throw us and email.

And really much more…

There are a lot of features we haven’t mentioned here!

Download the theme

When we released the v1 of this plugin, almost everybody asked us for the theme we have used in the live preview! :) so we decided to create a theme for the new version, which you can download from here.

Needless to say, the theme does not include any plugin! and you still have to buy the plugin ;)

Feature Requests

Send us your feature requests via our profile

Have you checked the screenshots?

The preview is very limited, please make sure you have checked all the screenshots too as they are very helpful in understanding the power of this awesome plugin!

Get notified of updates

Follow us to get notified of updates, new and freebie stuffs and more! :)


Change log

  • Version 2.0
    • Totally revamped! lots of new features added!
    • Statistics & Domains pages
    • Domain-specific configuration
    • Affiliate links
    • Fixed price sales
    • On-the-fly currency conversion
    • E-mail and IP address blacklist
    • A free theme
  • Version 1.5
    • Bidding end date
    • Inclusion of the highest bid in the form
    • Inclusion of a domain list in the form

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Woocommerce E-go Shipping Calculator (WooCommerce)

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Follow Us on Envato Support Center

E-go Shipping Calculator is an Australian Based E-go Shipping price Calculator for woocommerce. It Integrates shipping price based on E-go shipping calculator and also available with multiple delivery types.

The plugin is based on e-go Calculator demo.


We would happy to help you solve any issues. If you have any questions, ideas or suggestions, please feel free to contact us at support center.


  • Support Simple,Variation and Grouped Products
  • Easy to Integrate
  • Built on New API
  • Integrates shipping estimation from E-go shipping company
  • Available with multiple delivery types
  • Shipping price based on the quantities, width, height, weight, depth and distance from the pickup.


  • Wordpress 3.5.1 or Higher
  • Woocommerce 2.1.x or Higher
Tested up with Woocommerce 2.1.12 & Wordpress 3.9.1

Note: e-go api only allow whole number for weight and dimension attributes.

For Example: Weight(kg):1.5 Should be rounded as 2 (or) 1.2 Should be rounded as 1

Click here to check e-go Calculator demo.


Well Documented. See Documentation for plugin configurations and usages.


  • Version 1.0 – 02/08/2014
    • Initial Release

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WordPress Documentation Builder (Miscellaneous)

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WordPress Documentation Builder is plugin with great opportunities for build help documentation. Now you can build documentation and control versions for your product without any effort!


  • Shortcodes for separating text for different versions
  • Versions selector in breadcrumbs
  • Breadcrumbs for your manual
  • Custom sorting for documents
  • Hierarchy for document section


If you have any questions, please contact us profile page or email support@festi.io

Also, if have any suggestions and ideas to make this plugin better, please write to us. If it will be interesting – we can do it FREE for you!

WooCart Pro


1.1 (August 02 2014)
* Added home link in breadcrumbs
* Added option for renaming Project Name on General Page

1.0 (July 31 2014)
* First release.

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